Monday, 30 September 2013

Off To The Races...

Hey Everyone, 
A few weeks ago I had a lovely trip to the races at Rosehill for a event to raise money for the Special Olympics, a need close to my heart. It was a lovely time filled with good company, lovely food and drinks, prises and good fashions! This is what I wore, sorry about the quality as I only had my phone withe me as I decided last minuets to post my outfit at the racetrack as I thought they were so beautiful! I also think I have to share that in the last race, the jokey fell of the horse, but even after this the horse did amazing and came first!

Some overall shots of what I wore (in the second one you can even see horses in the background!)

What I wore: Skirt- Sass and Bide, Tank Top- Sass and Bide (similar), Necklace- Lovisa, Earrings- Lovisa, Bracelets- Marc by Marc Jacobs, Forever New (old), Shoes- Diavolina, Clutch- Peeptoe (old), Headband- Mimco, Lipstick- Napoleon Mattetastic Veronica, Nails- Revlon Love That Red

Thanks for reading, 

Monday, 16 September 2013

You Choose

Hey guys,

I have been coming up with new ideas for blog posts and i have decided to let you have you say. This is your time to shine and tell us what you want to see wether that be reviews wish lists or ANYTHING else just tell us in the comments. Have you're go


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hey guys

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Summer Wishlist: Save or Splurge

Hey Everyone,
I have been looking around at some things for the summer and decided to do a post to get your opinions. There are a few things I have been craving; a white day dress, bold summer shorts, a summer top, a bright lip and  brown eyeliner. There are a few more things in mind, however the list may go on for days! I have found 3 items for each, a cheap option, a mid-range choice and a bit of a splurge! (this is my idea of splurge, it could be seen as cheap for you but thats your opinion!)

White Day Dress
I have been looking for an easy to wear option to through on for the soon to come hot Australian summer days, I tried my hardest to cut the options down, but I just love the 3 more expensive ones, but the one from Boohoo I also put in for a cheep alternative.

Bold Shorts
I found the witchery pair while out shopping this weekend, but i am unsure about if I want to spend so much money on a statement piece! The other two are great but they lack the cool statement of the witchery ones.

 Bold Lip
I find an easy way to "summer up"a makeup look that only takes a few seconds on the way out the door (or in the car as I have often done!) is to just add lips! These are just a few I have found, I like how the first 2 look relatively easy to apply.

Brown eyeliner 
I have been looking for a brown eyeliner, as I think they look great with a tan! Also I like more natural colours in summer, as well as wearing minimal make-up!

What do you guys think? Tell me if you see anything as my search continues,
Thanks for reading,
XOXO, Sara

Monday, 9 September 2013

Summer Beauty Wish List

Summer Beauty Wish List

Hey Guys,

As it nears to summer I am getting more and more excited for it, so I thought to get myself in the mood I would make a wish list. And I'm going to apologise now for not posting in a while as we got busy with school but I promise to get better. I also realised that we reached 2000 page views! thank you guys for that and it is just as much your achievement as ours so keep spreading the word! :)

first off is a good skincare. it is so important to treat your skin properly and I cant stress this enough. these are the products that i use and highly recommend, there is many different products for each skin type and they also have many different varieties of them. You can find the whole selection here.

The next thing is a good hand cream. it is just as important keep your hands moisturised in summer as it is in winter. it is a cute package and it also comes in two different sizes which is convenient. I haven't had this one in particular but i sampled it at the shops and it was really good so it is definitely on my list of things to buy this summer. I put the link here

Right next to moisturised hands is a moisturised body and one of my favourite things is chocolate so naturally smelling like a cadbury bar and feeling soft is a great mixture. I also haven't actually bought the but i sampled it also and it smells ah-mazing!

Moving on to make up a good BB cream is good because it gives enough coverage while being light so that your skin feels and looks more natural. It feels weird at first because it is a lot lighter on your skin but once you get used to it it is a great alternative. this one in particular is for oily skin and I hate having to buy special products but this one is definitely worth it. you can find it here or the non-oily version here.

I find in summer that I tend to just use concealer rather then doing a full face to keep it more natural looking and so that my skin doesn't get to sweaty as it normally does in Australia. These concealers in particular are great because they match perfectly and they have just the right amount of coverage. although the second picture is the eye brightener I tend to use it with the corrector and also on spots as I find it is easier to blend some people choose nit to do that but it is up to you. these are a pricier option but you can find them both here. You can also find similar things here and here.

For my lips in summer i tend not to wear lipstick however if i do i use nude unless I'm going out somewhere at night. this one is from mac but you can find them at every drugstore in many varieties my advice is to try it against your skin tone due to the fact that it can look silly if it is too light or dark. The link is here

The last thing on my list is a lip balm. this one is very good because it gives all the protection while giving off a shine. I either use this or paw paw cream for everyday.

Thank you guys for reading this, I had fun making it and i hoped you enjoyed reading it and the weather is starting to look up so that means outfit photos. Also watch this space because recently me and Sara have bee planning a youtube account so stay tuned for more info.