Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Detail Alert: Westfield Outfit Detail

 Hey guys,

Welcome to my second solo post! I got so much positive feedback from everyone last post which was so great to hear! I really appreciate all you comments and congratulations.

As promised, this is my outfit that I won a $100 Westfield voucher for in the Westfield Selfies competition.

The more you get to know me the more you'll realise I have a nasty little habit. It starts with a G and ends in S, can you GUESS what it is? Oh yes, yes, jewellery, bags, shoes, tops and perfume (oh my!). In this case, it's my ever faithful white Guess jeans. I highly recommend buying a pair of Guess jeans, they are well made, don't lose their shape and don't fade as badly as some. Although Guess isn't doing extra skinny white jeans at the moment, I recommend picking up a pair for all year round as it's a great way to stand out without yelling too loudly. These Jeans from TopShop are pretty good value, if you're on the lookout for a pair, try these on for size!

My red top I originally bought from Dotti quite a few season ago. A top in a bright, yet complimentary to your skin tone that is plain is essential for every wardrobe. I chose red because my skin is not too pale and not to tan. I chose a scoop neck as it is a time less neckline and can be dressed up and dressed down (unlike a V neck which might reveal too much to be casual). Mod Cloth do an almost identical style here.

This is a close up of the jacket I got from Zara in Melbourne. It's so much better than the one in Sydney city! Such a better selection and not as many people. It's a really unique piece of clothing and actually really cool, it has a zip around the waist and you can take the bottom part of the jacket off and wear it as a cropped jacket or keep it clean with as full sized. 

Oh la la! my Tiffany & Co Effiel tower and key necklace. Originally for a charm braclet, I decided to mix it up and put it on a necklace instead, I'm wild, right?

My favourite accessory, sunglasses. I literally have these glued to my face all season. If it were up to me I would have rooms full of them. I got these ones in particular because they were on sale from Oroton and face it, every girl needs something from the big O! You can get a similar style (or any really!) here.

I got these earrings from Dural Antiques as a birthday present, they match my ring!

I bought this bag from Guess in February, it must have been pretty popular because I bought the last one. I feel like Guess bags are hit and miss sometimes. This bag is well on trend but also something that will be in style for years to come. I love the triangle detail on the bag charm and the studs give it a feminedge feel. It's all sold out but you can buy the mini cross-body style on David Jones still here.

These are my beautiful rings. I'm very proud of them! The ring on my pinky finger on my right hand is from Diva. You can get a similar style here. The second one on that hand is from a boutique jewellery shop in Mollymook, my parents bought it for me while they were on holidays, similar style found on Aspire here. The other two rings are from a little antique store in Dural, they are one of a kind! If you want to check out more antique jewellery I suggest visiting your local antique shop or Dural Antiques.

In December my wonderful sister in law, Imogen (blog - tia_cherie), got married to my brother in a beautiful Southern Highlands country wedding. I was, of course, one of her bridesmaids and she decided we should wear these beautiful Stella Jewel Shoes

They were originally $200 but we got (luckily) on sale for $75. At first I didn't like them all that much because I was used to platform shoes but they have definitely grown on me, especially now they helped me win the selfies competition (thanks Imogen!).

It's such a beautiful classic outfit with a modern twist. Absolutely adore it! I look elegant, sophisticated and I felt so confident wearing it. It seems everyone liked it, even my sister in laws cat, Beatle!

The only question now is what do I spend my gift card on!

Until next time

Sara xx


  1. As you know from my previous comment I adore this outfit. I love how you paid so much attention to little details such as your jewellery and bag. It really takes this outfit to the next level. I am so happy you like the shoes now! They are the best. Good to see a couple of the bridesmaids are getting more use out of them.

    1. I also really love the outfit! Its simply lovely!