Saturday, 25 May 2013

Jazz Aged Glamour

Hello hello!

I was extremely excited for The Great Gatsby! Tori, Imogen, Lucy & I are all went to go see it at our local cinema's on Monday. I would highly recommend seeing it as it was a great movie, my new favorite! The movie itself was lovely, but half the time I found myself mesmorised by the clothes and Jewelry! 

We were in the city over this weekend so thought we should go to see all the lovey pieces of Jewelry from the movie as you can buy them all at Tiffanys, for a small fortune of course! 

It was a great experience and there were even men in dinner suits handing out caramel popcorn, which was fine by me! I put some pictures below, my favorite one is the locket, which I tried on, it was so lovely!

Tell me which your favourites are! 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Dotti Dae

Hey Guys,

As promised, here are the photos from our Maccas picnic we had last weekend. I just decided to throw this outfit together, I've never worn these pieces this way before but I think it works pretty well.

These are probably my favourite pair of shoes! I love how they are rocker but you can also mix them with a girly outfit for an edgy look and you can wear them with pretty much any outfit and it feels comfortable.

This is a belt that I got for my birthday a while ago and I decided to put it on because I thought the outfit needed a belt to break up the dark colours and I really like it.

I love how my skater skirt is textured, it adds dimension to any out fit and makes it more playful and fun. I also love how the dots are different sizes and form a pattern.

I got theses sunnies in Zara about a year ago and I wear them all the time. I really like the colour of them and I particularly like how they contrast with my hair.

I got this ring from an antique store in Dural, I really love it and I wear it almost everyday. It is a great addition to any outfit and is petite and girly.

This is my Guess bag that I got for christmas 2 years ago. I really like it because it's really big and it fit a lot of things. I don't think that it is still in stick but here is one similar.

Until next time.
Tori xoxo

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I Could Be the One

Hey Guys.
This is an outfit a bought a while ago for a hens night and I wanted to show you all! 

This is probably one of my favorite looks! It's a lovely go to look if I have a more formal event I am going to! It feels great to wear and I always feel a little flirty and girly when I wear it.

I love all the detailing on the dress with the bow, and cut out. The bow makes it a little girly, and the cut out gives away just enough to change it from a little girls dress, but make sure still it remains classy. I couldn't find it online as I purchased it a while ago, however I found this dress on ASOS with a similar shape and color.

I love the over sized buttons as they really add something to the dress which I haven't seen much before.

These shoes are supper cute and really nice to wear. They are a nice tall height which I love, but still not too tall which can be hard to walk in. I love them with the dress as they have really cute features with the bow and the heart which I think match the dress perfectly! I got these baby's quite a while ago and couldn't find them anywhere, but I think these are similar.

I think the shape and fabric of the dress go hand in hand!  The fabric really holds its shape and I LOVE the short flirty hem.

Teamed with only a few small pieces of jewelry, this dress is really easy to wear, so I went with my little  G earrings from Guess you can buy here.

Teamed with minimal eyes and  a red lip, like this one and I'm ready to go and feel great! This makes this little blue number one of my most favorite things and I wear it as often as I can!

See you all soon, 

Macca's Picnic

Over the weekend we spent a lovely sisterly day at Fagen park in Galston with Imogen, Lucy, Tori and I. Imogen decided to take our new car for a spin and we ended up at the park with some healthy snacks that we picked up along the way!

We decided to take the opportunity to do a blog collaboration with Tia Cherie. We had a great time and enjoyed the sunshine as we caught up with each other. We hope to do it again sometime soon!

Such a lovely sunshiny day! As you can see we were really taking in the lovely natural feeling of the park with all natural, organic only foods! This has become a bit of a tradition every time we go for a picnic!

Lucy kindly took the photos, however she made us do all sorts of weird things, that almost lead to the loss of Imogens lovely bag in a pond! She almost ended up in the pond herself at one stage trying to demonstrate poses she wanted us to do.

I love this photo of all our bags on the hill! In order they are Sara's, Lucy's, Tori's and Imogen's.

I also love all our shoes on the hill, aren't they all so pretty?!

Tori and Imogen got sprung taking selfie photos, there were over 300 on my phone! Lucy was not impressed!

We were all wearing a differant shade of blue, what a fun coincidence which was lovely for all the photos! Imogen and Tori were even both wearing polka dots!

This photo reminds me of mean girls so much! I laugh every time!

The park has a variety of themes gardens, these two photos's were taken at the lovely Japanese one. We also visited the Mediterranean, North American and South American gardens.

Hope you enjoyed this post! We also took some photos of our outfits that will be posted soon, stay tuned

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Weekly round up #3

Hey everyone,

It's that time again for another weekly round up! This week has been super intense and we got very spoilt (which is never a bad thing)

O n e  -  S a r a

On Thursday I finally picked up my new car! Well, it's technically not mine for another two years, but I am counting down the hours, minutes and seconds till I can officially say, baby blue is mine! My mum got the Fiat Lounge, it's the car I'm going to learn to drive in. It's absolutely the cutest thing on the roads, fuel efficient and did I mention how cute it is!?

T w o  -  T o r i

On Friday night I headed over to my nonna's to watch Hitchcock. She's such a sweet woman. Always fussing about me and always telling me I need to eat more. Her cooking is so good! I hope that when I'm a Nonna, I'd be able to cook half as well as her.

T h r e e  -  S a r a

We made 1000 page views! We also made over our blog, it's pretty professional if you ask me! I'd just like to say a special thank you to my sister-in-law for giving up her time to take our photos and help us with the layout of our blog. 

F o u r  -  T o r i
After much pushing from my mother, I finally ventured into Kmart to look for clothes. I was happily surprised. Not only was it incredibly affordable, but great quality. I bought a great jumper for $20. I saw a similar one in sports girl for $90! Gok would be so proud of me.

F i v e  -  S a r a

On Saturday, my wonderful sister-in-law, Imogen came over and we went to Fagan park for a Macca's picnic. While we were there we decided to do a blog collaboration, and this was the result! It's always great to catch up with family over a healthy meal. We'll be posting more about our lovely day in the sunshine very soon!

S i x  -  T o r i

Eurovision! What a great way to spend a Saturday night. It's always good for a laugh or two. This year I am supporting Hungary this year. He sounded a bit like Bruno Mars who I am a big fan of. Go Hungary!! Also, did you see that kiss? Good on them if that's the way she swings.

See you next weeks Ladies & Gents!

Tori & Sara

Down a Little Country Road

Hi Guys,
I took these photos a while ago and I really love it! 

I got this top in Terrigal a while ago and had been looking for a floral shirt for a while, when I stumbled across this lovely in Ally for only $20! For that cheep I think it looks like quite an expensive shirt!

I paired it with the black skirt from my last post, you can buy it here.

My favorite boots! I have worn them quite a few times since I posted them, but this is the first time they have been posted in an outfit!

I went for black stockings as it has been quite cold lately, so I find myself wearing them everyday!

For Jewlery I went for these really cool earrings from Louisa and my Tiffanys charms. 

Speak soon, 
Sara xxx