Saturday, 25 May 2013

Jazz Aged Glamour

Hello hello!

I was extremely excited for The Great Gatsby! Tori, Imogen, Lucy & I are all went to go see it at our local cinema's on Monday. I would highly recommend seeing it as it was a great movie, my new favorite! The movie itself was lovely, but half the time I found myself mesmorised by the clothes and Jewelry! 

We were in the city over this weekend so thought we should go to see all the lovey pieces of Jewelry from the movie as you can buy them all at Tiffanys, for a small fortune of course! 

It was a great experience and there were even men in dinner suits handing out caramel popcorn, which was fine by me! I put some pictures below, my favorite one is the locket, which I tried on, it was so lovely!

Tell me which your favourites are! 

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