Friday, 24 May 2013

Dotti Dae

Hey Guys,

As promised, here are the photos from our Maccas picnic we had last weekend. I just decided to throw this outfit together, I've never worn these pieces this way before but I think it works pretty well.

These are probably my favourite pair of shoes! I love how they are rocker but you can also mix them with a girly outfit for an edgy look and you can wear them with pretty much any outfit and it feels comfortable.

This is a belt that I got for my birthday a while ago and I decided to put it on because I thought the outfit needed a belt to break up the dark colours and I really like it.

I love how my skater skirt is textured, it adds dimension to any out fit and makes it more playful and fun. I also love how the dots are different sizes and form a pattern.

I got theses sunnies in Zara about a year ago and I wear them all the time. I really like the colour of them and I particularly like how they contrast with my hair.

I got this ring from an antique store in Dural, I really love it and I wear it almost everyday. It is a great addition to any outfit and is petite and girly.

This is my Guess bag that I got for christmas 2 years ago. I really like it because it's really big and it fit a lot of things. I don't think that it is still in stick but here is one similar.

Until next time.
Tori xoxo

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