Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Macca's Picnic

Over the weekend we spent a lovely sisterly day at Fagen park in Galston with Imogen, Lucy, Tori and I. Imogen decided to take our new car for a spin and we ended up at the park with some healthy snacks that we picked up along the way!

We decided to take the opportunity to do a blog collaboration with Tia Cherie. We had a great time and enjoyed the sunshine as we caught up with each other. We hope to do it again sometime soon!

Such a lovely sunshiny day! As you can see we were really taking in the lovely natural feeling of the park with all natural, organic only foods! This has become a bit of a tradition every time we go for a picnic!

Lucy kindly took the photos, however she made us do all sorts of weird things, that almost lead to the loss of Imogens lovely bag in a pond! She almost ended up in the pond herself at one stage trying to demonstrate poses she wanted us to do.

I love this photo of all our bags on the hill! In order they are Sara's, Lucy's, Tori's and Imogen's.

I also love all our shoes on the hill, aren't they all so pretty?!

Tori and Imogen got sprung taking selfie photos, there were over 300 on my phone! Lucy was not impressed!

We were all wearing a differant shade of blue, what a fun coincidence which was lovely for all the photos! Imogen and Tori were even both wearing polka dots!

This photo reminds me of mean girls so much! I laugh every time!

The park has a variety of themes gardens, these two photos's were taken at the lovely Japanese one. We also visited the Mediterranean, North American and South American gardens.

Hope you enjoyed this post! We also took some photos of our outfits that will be posted soon, stay tuned


  1. Best day ever! I definitely hope we will do it again sometime. I am missing the pretty blue car already. That was so scary when my bag was close to falling in the pond; but worth it because I got a great picture out of it.

    1. It really was a great day! We have to do something soon!