Sunday, 5 May 2013

Weekly Update #1

Ladies and gents

We are proud to announce that The Polished Edge has been up and active for a full week and what a week it's been! Here is a quick post rounding up of the top 8 things that happened this week.

O N E - S A R A

As I've told you told you about a million times, I entered Westfield Selfies competition to win a trip to Paris. Sadly I didn't win, Viona Agung won - lucky her. The following was posted on the Westfield Sydney Facebook page:

"Congratulations to Viona Agung who will be off to Paris thanks to her National Prize winning Selfie entry at Mt Druitt. 

Our National draw judges, Alyce Cowell, Madelin Tomelty and Donny Galella praised Viona for her fashion bravery embracing 4 key winter trends at once – Lace, florals, metallics and the pointy pump.

Congratulations Viona, we hope you enjoy your trip!"

It's sad that I didn't win, but I'm so happy that such a deserving entry won, congratulations! Luckily they will 

T W O - T O R I

At the beginning of the week I re-watched (for like the tenth time) She's The Man. No matter how many times I see this movie it never gets old. Amanda Bines is absolutely hilarious. She has the best comic timing and with Channing Tatum oozing sexy it is the perfect movie to watch on a rainy day. 

T H R E E - S A R A

Back to school! What a pain! I don't hate school but I do like being able to lounge around and do a whole lot of nothing. We went back on Tuesday but it feels like we've been back for weeks. On the plus side though, we have exactly eight weeks till the next holidays. Not like I'm counting or anything! 

This term they've launched a new thing where ever student needs an iPad to assist with learning. At first I thought it would be a great idea because it meant that all I'd need to carry around would be an exercise book and the iPad. In a practical sense, that sounds like a good idea right? Yes. But for some stupid reason the school wants us to download apps to use in conjunction with our text books. So now we are carrying all our textbooks, exercise books and an iPad. What the hell!

F O U R - T O R I

On Tuesday night I went out to dinner with my mum and a few of her friends. We went to this place in Castle Hill called Red Spoon Thai. It is absolutely delicious! Everything on their menu is so yummy especially their crab spring rolls and the garlic stir fry. 

If you're ever in the area I highly recommend you check the place out. As well as beautiful and delicious food they have decorated the place so wonderfully that you feel like you're in a totally different country. The staff are so friendly and for the quality of food, the price you pay is reasonable. I give it four Tori thumbs up. 

F I V E - S A R A

I got bangs! After weeks of sleepless nights (well maybe only a few minutes) I decided to get my hair cut. I think that I look a bit like Barbie but although people tell me I don't, I can't get it out of my head! I'll blog about it later in the week or two to show you all how it went. I really like it!

S I X - T O R I

On Friday night I was lucky enough to go to dinner with my Mum, Dad and Sara. We went to a restaurant that is a mix between modern Australian and Italian dining, a beautiful little place called Allure in Dural. Somehow we are related to the owners but I wouldn't be able to tell you how or if technically we are related. It's an Italian thing, everyone you meet is an Uncle or an Aunt - crazy. 

It's an elegant, yet casual dinning with beautiful and tasty dishes. I give it three Tori stars!

S E V E N - S A R A

I dragged my family all over Towers on Saturday searching for the perfect pair of black boots. I found a similar pair of boots to the one's above but in leather. They are Guess (of course). I will most definitely be posting more about them in a new post next week! 

E I G H T - T O R I

As you'll get to know, we are big on family. On Sunday my brothers usually play in door soccer with their team, Jax Pack. They are currently sitting fourth on the leader board out of ten teams. They may not be the best team in the competition, but they play pretty well every few games. This week they won, 5 - 2! We are by far the loudest supporters. It's always great to support family any way you can.

We hope you had a wonderful week and are enjoying our blog!

Much love

Sara & Tori xx

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