Thursday, 12 September 2013

Summer Wishlist: Save or Splurge

Hey Everyone,
I have been looking around at some things for the summer and decided to do a post to get your opinions. There are a few things I have been craving; a white day dress, bold summer shorts, a summer top, a bright lip and  brown eyeliner. There are a few more things in mind, however the list may go on for days! I have found 3 items for each, a cheap option, a mid-range choice and a bit of a splurge! (this is my idea of splurge, it could be seen as cheap for you but thats your opinion!)

White Day Dress
I have been looking for an easy to wear option to through on for the soon to come hot Australian summer days, I tried my hardest to cut the options down, but I just love the 3 more expensive ones, but the one from Boohoo I also put in for a cheep alternative.

Bold Shorts
I found the witchery pair while out shopping this weekend, but i am unsure about if I want to spend so much money on a statement piece! The other two are great but they lack the cool statement of the witchery ones.

 Bold Lip
I find an easy way to "summer up"a makeup look that only takes a few seconds on the way out the door (or in the car as I have often done!) is to just add lips! These are just a few I have found, I like how the first 2 look relatively easy to apply.

Brown eyeliner 
I have been looking for a brown eyeliner, as I think they look great with a tan! Also I like more natural colours in summer, as well as wearing minimal make-up!

What do you guys think? Tell me if you see anything as my search continues,
Thanks for reading,
XOXO, Sara

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