Sunday, 28 April 2013

Westfield Style Selfies Contest.

I recently entered a Westfield style selfies contest, the main price being a trip to Paris with $5000 spending money. The contest has 4 rounds for each Westfield centre, which all go into the running for the major prize, as well as getting a $100 Westfield voucher.

I won one of the fourth round, which puts me in the running with 160 other people for the trip. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed and hopping for some good news!

This is the photo I entered:

Outfit details coming soon!

Sara xx

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  1. Thank you for such a lovely comment. I'd forgotten how much you like light blue Sara and you just reminded me of all the amazing clothes you have in that colour; now I'm thinking of your incredible dress and the sportsgirl knit. I'm so happy for you winning the westfield voucher. There must have been so many people that entered so that's quite an achievement. I'm not surprised though. This is a stunning outfit and very well put together. Obviously I adore the shoes but just as much as that I love the jacket because it is so chic and classy. After a lot of thinking, I've finally worked out where that picture of you was taken even though it should be very obvious to me! Hoping you will be going to Paris soon.