Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Come back Summer!

Hey everyone!

I took these photos about two weeks ago when the weather was a bit warmer, I am now sitting under a blanket looking at them and hoping for a chance to wear this outfit again. I don't think I will be unless I add stockings, however, I love this outfit so much I am going to post it anyway!

I love this play suit as it is super cute and I get lots of compliments when I wear it! Its a lovely crisp white and I love how you can match it with almost anything. It also has a really cute deep V neck line as well as a gorgeous frilly back. The neck line is a bit low for me so I had to put a white singlet underneath. It can go from day to night with a quick change of clothes.

 I bought it at a pop-up store at Castle Towers so and I cant remember the name of, but I found a similar one here. However it looks like their are not many left, so be quick! There are heaps of really cool pop up stores that travel around Sydney, when you see them, it's always a great idea to check through it as there are so many bargains to buy. I only bought this for $50.

I love these Guess wedges because they are really comfortable and easy to walk in as well as having a lovely pattern! The bow with G detail is also really cute. I love wearing them with a little black dress or even jeans and a pastel coloured shit, which makes them really versatile! 

I got these about a year and a half ago, but Steve Madden have a similar pair here! They are also really cheep on sale!

I also really love these sunglasses, being my everyday pair. They are really nice and feminine and I really love how they match my shoes and bag! I found them here, however the frame is a clear colour instead of brown.

I really love this bag! Its a nice size and has a long strap, the Guess detail is also really cute! I couldn't find a similar bag to this one. I am wearing the same jewellery as in my previous post.

I love this outfit so much as it feels really relaxed and conformable as well as looking really chic, and once again, our cat model, Zeppelin, wanted in on all the fun as it was almost impossible to take a photo without him! Should be posting again soon as I am excited to show you my new haircut as well as a new outfit I really love!

See you all soon, Sara


  1. It's amazing how well the shoes, sunglasses and bag matche and, against the white, this outfit is put together perfectly. The playsuit is cool because it is unique; not something you see people wearing every day! As you know I am totally obsessed with the shoes, they are perfect I want them soooooooooo much. You look so good in red lipstick too.

    1. ooooh and PLEASE can I borrow these shoes sometime?