Saturday, 11 May 2013

Those Puppies in the Window

Hey guys!

I bought these babies about a week ago and I am in love with them! I have worn them as many times as I possibly could, and maybe even when I shouldn’t have

I had been looking for a new pairs of black boots for a while and when I saw them in the window I fell in love! I swear I heard music in the background! 

As I basically ran into the shop, all I could think was how expensive they would be and how they were too tall for me. Sadly, they most definitely weren’t within my budget and slightly impractical. However, my lovely mother made all my dreams come true and lent me a few dollars (A sort-of backwards mother’s day?). Luckily for me there was a sale - 20% off that day. 

So as my overly dramatic short story comes to an end, I leave you with some pictures…

New Post Soon!



  1. Exciting. They really suit you! So classy and chic. Great photos. One of the things I liked about buying my Guess shoes (the purple flats) was the pretty Guess box, they are so special too. I get excited by packaging.

  2. LOVE!! shall we follow let me know xse

    1. Yeah of course, that would be good.


  3. oh my god, those are HOT. they're so fierce, and i can't believe you can walk in that heel! props to you. and that's awesome they were on sale- they were clearly meant to be yours ;)

    xo Marlen
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    1. They are so amazing! They are easier to walk in than I first anticipated, I have a feeling I am going to be spending ALOT of time in them!

      xo Sara