Sunday, 12 May 2013

Weakly Roundup #2

Hey Everyone!
It is the end of the weak again and we thought we would do another round-up

O N E - S A R A

On Thursday night we got Thai food and decided to watch life of Pi. It is such a great movie and I was on the edge of tears! It had me thinking about it for days since. You should definitely watch it if you haven't all ready.

T W O - T O R I
I went shopping! I ticked a top of my wishlist and even picked one up I didn't expect to! Will do a post with the picture too, but I will leave you a hint, there both from Bardot, which I'm really loving this season!

T H R E E - S A R A  &  T O R I

Mothers day was Sunday and we spent the day with the family. With our dads side of the family we had a lovely family brunch with more food than you could imagine, soon after we left for a family lunch with our mums family at a Chinese restaraunt followed with some drinks. Overall it was a really lovely family day.

F O U R - T O R I
 Following what appears to be a recurring theme,  I watched finding Nemo on Saturday night and was emotionally reattached to one of my old favorites! Nemo, Marlin, Dory and Bruce will forever have a place in my heart and I was shocked to find out Ellen was the voice of Dory, making my favorite character even better! The countdown for Finding Dory begins.

F I V E - S A R A
I am not a person who usually listens to music non-stop, but at the moment I am really obsessed by a few songs and listening to them on repeat! I really love, Justin Timberlake's  Mirrors, Passengers Let her go, Pinks' just give me a reason and Paramores' Still into you I have a playlist of those songs always on repeat!

S I X - T O R I

I cleaned my room and reorganized my wardrobe, and for the short time it lasts, I am really enjoying being able to find what I'm looking for. Maybe I'll take my inspiration and re-organize the make up, than again, maybe not! P.s I wish that my wardrobe actually looked like that.

 We'd love to hear more about your weeks to! And happy mothers day to all you lovely mums out there!

Much love

Sara & Tori xx

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