Monday, 13 May 2013

Night Time Frolic

Hey guys

A few days ago in our weekly round up, I gave you a hint as to what I bought from Bardot on Saturday. If you guessed right, you would have guessed the blue patterned peplum top! I took some photos the other evening to show you. I am absolutely in love with this top.

I got this necklace from Lovisa for about $10. When you put it on, it looks so elegant and simple, like it's from an expensive place. If I wanted to I could attach a charm onto it or just leave it as it. You can buy a similar one here.

These are my ever faithful white jeans. I know my sister posted a few weeks ago about how good a pair of white jeans are and even for someone who likes a rock-a-lady style can't go past these. If you don't already have a pair, you should definitely get some!

I got my white jeans from Guess because I find it difficult trying to find jeans that fit my proportions. Guess seem to always have a pair of jeans to fit every figure (always a good thing).

I particularly like these jeans because they have a zip from about the knee down on the stocking line. I feel like this changes their overall effect. My sister, who has quite a sleek style is more suited to white jeans with no embellishments. However, I'm a little more rock chick so these jeans work well with my wardrobe because they have this awesome detailing. Finding the right pair of jeans for you is all about what works with what you already have.

Of course, the top I had on my wishlist! I had some left over birthday money so on Saturday so I went shopping and decided, what the heck, and tried it on. It fit like a glove, it was obviously meant to be! The pattern it so unique and beautiful. Although peplum is a girly kind of thing, you can always find one that fits your style whether it be punk, rock, girly etc. The pattern in this gives it that rocker feel I love.

The back of this top is also really cool. It has a bit of a triangle back which adds another clever dimension to the top. The other interesting thing about this top is that it doesn't have the peplum line where the peplum starts which isn't very common. It's really clever.

This little peepshow slit at the top is really beautiful. It's just enough without looking trampy. It's elegant and clean. Showing a bit of skin is never a bad thing, it's just how you do it. I'm lucky to be gifted with great assets in the chesticle department, but sometimes clothes make me look too busty. This top compliments my shape and it passes the father test (Always a good idea to keep papa Italia happy especially when it comes to his little girls).

This is the bracelet I got for being a bridesmaid at my wonderful sister in laws wedding a few months ago. It's so beautiful and sparkly! This is by far the prettiest bit of jewellery I own, thank you Imogen!

I decided to make this picture my profile picture because in all seriousness, I'm not serious at all. Ha!

See you next time!

Tori xoxo


  1. It's always so exciting to get something off your wishlist! This top suits you so well, love the shape and the cut outs. Great to see all bridesmaids getting use out of their bracelets!

  2. Thanks Imogen, I don't know why I don't wear the bracelet more but I definaty will from now on. It is a great piece and it sparkles a lot!

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  4. Those jeans are really cool! I love the zipper on the back. I know I have trouble finding jeans to fit my weird figure :p Glad you found those!

    1. Yeah, I love all the details on these jeans and I love how they fit, I find guess had a good pair of jeans for everyone.
      xx Tori